InterLok Pro for Windows

InterLok Pro for Windows 5.4

Tool set for copy protection, license management, and license term enforcement

Using InterLok can be as easy as selecting a few settings from the easy-to-use panels, dragging in your graphics for branding the end user experience, saving your options, and selecting the "Protect Software" menu item. You then simply build your installer to include the components that InterLok requires, and you are ready to distribute.
InterLok is not only a platform for copy protection, enforcing your end user license agreement, but it is a system that can help you control and manage the software licenses themselves.

Main Features:

- Wraps Your Software in Minutes
- Try-Before-You-Buy, Rentals, Immediate Purchase
- Multiple methods of Authorization (License)
- Easily customized User Interface
- Supports license restrictions and license periods.
- Tools for Automated delivery of authorizations via the Internet
- Unlimited Merchants
- Remote feature control
- Optional use of PACE Interface (API) for custom integration into your software
- Higher levels of encryption - application is completely encrypted
- All debuggers are disabled while your application is running - preventing outright theft of your application by hackers who want to steal it from memory and build a non-protected version.
- Consulting with PACE about custom code enhancements for advanced forms of code authentication.

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